Responsible Gaming

Playing slots should be fun. It is not a way to make a profit, or think that you can make a profit. But it its not, you might have a gambling problem.

The cold truth that in the longrun, it is always casino who is going to win.

Chanz casino has a really good article about something called RTP, you can read it here.

Generally the percentage that slots are paying back to players is 80-97%, but this does not mean that you are even guaranteed this.

Golden rules:

  • Only play with the funds you can loose
  • Never loan money for gambling
  • Never deposit more and try to get back your losses
  • Set a daily budget for your playing
  • Use tools that casinos provides you for setting deposit and losslimits. You can always freeze your account for certain period of times if needed.
  • Seek help if you feel that you gamble too much and/or you are loosing control of your finances

Where to find help for Gambling problem?

You can always contact support in the casino, and they can guide you further and suggest solutions for you, they are trained to do that.

There is lots of external help available:

Gambling Problem


But at the end, gambling should be fun and is a form of entertainment, so we recommend that you play with our trusted partners below, who are also able to guide you if you need to discuss about your gambling habits!


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